Arterial Doppler Ultrasound Scan-One Limb

Carotid Doppler Detecting Arterial Disease - image shows blood flow

Arterial Duplex Ultrasound Scan(One Limb) - £215.00

London Private Ultrasound (LPU) offers an Arterial Doppler (Duplex) ultrasound scan to male and female patients over 18 years old.
A Doppler ultrasound scan is a real-time image of blood flowing through your blood vessels.
Arterial Doppler Ultrasound can help us diagnose Various conditions in your Arteries such as Narrowing, Blockages (Stenosis), Reduction of the blood flow, and Poor blood circulation or Bulging.

Diagnosing Stenosis with Ultrasound:

It refers to any condition in which a blood vessel – such as an artery – becomes abnormally narrow.
Arterial stenosis can happen in the main arteries such as:
1. Aorta, iliac, femoral, or popliteal arteries (Abdomen and lower extremities arteries) 2. Subclavian, Axillary, Brachial, Radial & Ulnar arteries (Upper extremities Arteries) 3. or even in the carotid, Cranial or vertebral arteries (Neck and brain arteries).

Diagnosing Bulging or Aneurysm:

The abdominal aorta is the main blood vessel that brings blood from the heart to the tummy and lower part of the body. It mainly refers to a bulging or swelling in the Abdominal Aorta. Severely dilated vessels (more than 5 cm) or aneurysms are fatal and can cause sudden death if they burst.
The Aneurysm can happen in other main arteries such as iliac, femoral, or popliteal arteries (Abdomen and leg arteries) or even in the brain arteries.
The Arterial Doppler Ultrasound diagnostic examination for Aneurysm includes evaluating the Abdominal Aorta, Common iliac, External and internal iliac, and common femoral arteries. Click here to book your Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm (AAA) Ultrasound Appointment.

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