Hernia Ultrasound Scan

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Detailed Hernia Ultrasound Scan - Price: £195

London Private Ultrasound (LPU) offers a hernia ultrasound scan to the male and female patients over 18 years old. The hernia ultrasound scan is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique.
Groin and inguinal canal hernia, and anterior abdominal wall (Midline of tummy) hernia are the most popular hernia. Pain, discomfort, or burning sensation and palpable bulging are the most common reason for having a hernia Ultrasound diagnostic examination.
Hernia ultrasound scan includes a comprehensive evaluation of the groin, inguinal canal or anterior abdominal wall, and adjacent structures to diagnose suspected hernia or other diseases. LPU can provide the answers to your questions and offer you more information about your hernia private ultrasound scan.

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