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Fertility Assessment Ultrasound-£175.00

A fertility assessment scan is a thorough gynecological Ultrasound assessment of your pelvic organs: womb, the lining of the womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and surrounding structures, which is usually performed in the initial stage of the cycle usually on day five and in some cases even earlier as day 2 and is usually called baseline scan. The aim of the scan is to assess the pelvis, ovaries, uterus, and the lining of the womb the endometrium. This is being done prior to the start of the treatment cycle for IVF, Embryo transfer, Donor eggs, Donor sperms, IUI, and on natural cycles without any treatment. From then we follow the progress of your natural cycle to predict the time of ovulation for natural conception. During treatment cycles, regular scans are necessary to check the response of your body to the treatment you are receiving. This will help your fertility center or your GP to adjust your treatment accordingly.
This type of scan will also rule out any structural cause that might explain difficulty conceiving, recurrent miscarriages, generalized pelvic pain, or any other related issues. We will also count how many follicles are visible at the beginning of the cycle within each ovary (antral follicular count), and comment on the accessibility of the ovaries for better planning of the upcoming IVF egg retrieval procedure.

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