Anomaly Ultrasound​ Scan

Baby's Anomaly Ultrasound​ Scan


An anomaly scan is known as a mid-pregnancy scan, 18-24 weeks (optimal suggestive time is 20-22 weeks). The main purpose of this scan is to entirely check your baby and make sure that the baby is developmentally and structurally normal.
This is very important to have this scan done as some babies’ health problems cannot be predicted by the health of parents or their family history.
At Private Ultrasound Clinic, we offer a comprehensive Anomaly Scan of your baby, which is one of the two scans that are routinely offered to all pregnant women as part of antenatal care in the UK. This scan aims to perform a full survey of the baby’s structures, by assessing the baby’s growth by this stage of development, as well as many structures and organs. During this scan, the following would be examined: baby’s head and brain, baby’s face, spine, organs in baby’s abdominal cavity such as kidneys, stomach, bladder, diaphragm, bowel, abdominal wall, umbilical cord, baby’s spine, and limbs (arms, legs, hands, feet) and heart views.
The overall fluid around your baby would also be assessed alongside placental lie. This is to make sure the location of the placenta and to rule out that the placenta is not in the way of the birth canal.

If you wish to find out the gender of your baby we can offer a gender scan as a complimentary scan with the anomaly scan.


Anomaly Scan is routinely preformed between 18 - 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Prior to 18 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s organs are not large enough to allow for a detailed scan.

It is not mandatory to have this scan. However, many parents opt for this scan to find out if their little one has a congenital disease.

During an Anomaly Scan, the sonographer will look for 11 congenital diseases affecting your baby’s brain, spinal cord, heat, face, kidney, bones and abdomen.

Some congenital defects are easier to identify than others. For instance, “Spina Bifida”, a condition affecting the baby’s spinal cord, can often be visualized clearly. Thus, Anomaly Scan can pick up 9 out of 10 cases of Spina Bifida. Opposingly, heart defects are more difficult to identify. Consequently, Anomaly Scan is only 50% accurate in detecting congenital heart conditions.

We can look for Down Syndrome during an Anomaly Scan. However, it is only 50 % accurate. First Trimester Screening, which includes Nuchal Translucency Scan and blood tests, is more sensitive to detect Down Syndrome (94 % accuracy). At Private London Ultrasound, we offer both the Anomaly Scan and First Trimester Screening.

Yes, you can but as the baby grows alignment of the hands to arms and feet to legs cannot be assessed. If there is anything wrong with the baby's structure or there are signs of chromosomal abnormalities, based on the local law the chance of a decision regarding abortion is reduced.

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What Our Clients Say

Asher AdolpheAsher Adolphe
18:02 17 Oct 23
Had a lymph node scan back August. The service and treatment were amazing. comfortable and able to receive good information. M.Aghaei was the person who performed my scan and was also able to help me with getting my GP to pay attention to my concerns. If I had any issues and didn’t want to wait for the NHS I would definitely come back again to receive scan or blood tests work. So happy with LPU
Burçe UygurBurçe Uygur
14:48 15 Oct 23
Wonderful team, fast and professional service by Dr. Pedram. Thank you!
Jasmin MichaelJasmin Michael
15:59 14 Oct 23
Amazing service by the ultrasound team. Was seen to early as I arrived early. Was given reassurance and was provided with a report within 10 minutes of leaving. Would 100% recommend for anyone wanting a quick scan for peace of mind!I went for a second time and I will continue to be using London Sono for future scans when needed, especially for my yearly reviews. Not only is Dr Pedram extremely professional and knowledgeable, he’s patient, caring and very thorough. Couldn’t recommend them more!
Abby CAbby C
14:55 12 Oct 23
Had an appointment with Pedram M. Aghaei who was absolutely wonderful. He was so kind, calm and respectful, explaining everything in a way I could understand and fully involving me in the process by showing me diagrams and also explaining the results on screen while the ultrasound was being performed. I was very anxious and had wound myself up before the appointment, but he was immediately very gentle and reassuring. Would definitely recommend this clinic.
08:58 06 Oct 23
I was seen by Pedram M. Aghaei, MD who was very kind and professional. He put me at ease and answered all my questions thoroughly and gave me helpful advice. I highly recommend this clinic as the team was friendly and put me at ease.
dani jarvisdani jarvis
13:24 04 Oct 23
The knowledgeable and friendly specialists made my visit to the London Private Ultrasound Clinic a real pleasure. They explained everything thoroughly and gave me some very good advice. Hopefully I won’t need to have an ultrasound again, but if I do, I’ll use these guys. Thanks a mill!
darren geralddarren gerald
08:26 25 Sep 23
Very happy with the service I received. The team were very good and explained the process from start to finish. Made me feel at ease throughout my appointment. I received some very good advice about things I could do to help myself. Altogether a very very pleasant experience. Keep up the good work guys/girls. Would 100% recommend to others.
Astrid DuqueAstrid Duque
13:05 11 Sep 23
I had an excellent experience with London Private Ultrasound. The service was top-notch, and I'm very satisfied. If I ever need this service again, I wouldn't hesitate to book with them. The team was outstanding – polite, professional, and booking was a breeze. Doctor Pedram provided a thorough explanation during the scan. I wholeheartedly recommend London Private Ultrasound to anyone in need of a quick and professional ultrasound scan.
A NazariA Nazari
08:01 18 Feb 23
Thank you to all the staff at the clinic. I managed to get a same day appointment with the help of a kind gentleman who answered the phone. The staff were great and Dr Pedram was fantastic. He was thorough and took the time to listen and reassure. Highly recommend🙏
Mel MMel M
12:35 24 Dec 22
My first visit here. Professional establishment, very quick to be seen, appointment times are kept on schedule.The staff are friendly, they explain what is going on and the whole experience was very comfortable.First time I came away from this scan without pain...highly recommend
Edda ZekariasEdda Zekarias
10:42 18 Dec 22
The staff were very welcoming. I had a bit of a situation for which they were very flexible and quick to offer a solution. My check up was quite detailed and went very well. Really happy with the care I got.
Jluie MoffatJluie Moffat
09:06 05 Aug 22
I was able to book 2 scans and 2 blood tests and have them later the same day. The clinic was very efficient in the booking process, it was easy to find, clean and well appointed and the staff were friendly and efficient. Everything was well explained to me and the results were given to me on the day where possible and within the timescale projected for those I had to wait for. This was a very reassuring to have my tests so quickly and stopped a lot of worrying. The radiologist was very thorough and went the extra mile. Highly recommended service.
Daniela DalterioDaniela Dalterio
08:35 29 Jul 22
I was extremely pleased with my experience at London Private Ultrasound.I booked an appointment very quicklyAnd the service was first class from the point of booking to the visit.Reception staff were polite and professional, i was very anxious during my ultrasound but Dr A.N.Therani was very professional and during the whole time kept reassuring me and talking me through the examination.I received the results and report the same day.Very satisfied and definitely recommend to family and friends.
Semra BorilovaSemra Borilova
16:30 09 Jul 22
I was very satisfied! I booked appointment for early pregnancy scan. For specific price they give detailed ultrasound of the embryo, his arms, legs, and heartbeat speed and others. also they look all around very detailed ultrasonic scanning. They sent us an email with at least 30 photos, videos and a written report about the general condition and condition of the embryo. It was professional in my opinion, I was in other clinics where they don’t do anything like that and don’t consider it in detail. I can advise this place with confidence.
Fay Brooks-HedgesFay Brooks-Hedges
18:28 13 Jun 22
Very pleased with the service received. I was able to book an ultrasound easily on the same day, and received excellent care from the team. The whole process was explained to me and before and during the scan. Results were explained fully and in detail during and after the scan. Dr Pedro was very informative, kind and patient, and also answered all questions I had. I received the scan and report quickly, including recommendations on further action needed. Five star treatment!
10:43 04 May 22
Literally booked an appointment the night before and everything else from then was seamless. Was seen to quickly, spoken through every aspect of my scan and had the opportunity to speak to the doctor about next steps. I came away feeling so much better because I knew what was going on with my body. Great service and team!!!
Navid SarmastNavid Sarmast
19:52 03 Apr 22
I have been there a couple of times. Their staff and Dr Pedram were very caring and professional. I managed to book same day appointment with no hassle. The scan was very through and I was explained everything during the scan. I felt very relaxed and comfortable as Dr Pedram answered all my questions.The report was sent to me very shortly with all the details of my problem.I highly recommend their service to everyone.
Anthee MerichovitisAnthee Merichovitis
12:55 01 Apr 22
Absolutely a fantastic clinic with great doctors. I highly recommend Dr. Namazi and his team.With attention to detail, they have been by our side in every test and ultrasound.
Dana BalutaDana Baluta
17:33 12 Mar 22
Amazing service. The appointment process was quick and efficient and the doctor took the time to explain everything in great detail. When I left the clinic I knew precisely what the next steps were. Great prices and very helpful staff.
Amit AmlaniAmit Amlani
15:23 02 Mar 22
Visited the hospital today, arranged at short notice for an ultrasound.Thorough investigation undertaken and also provided a report of analysis and consultant thoroughly discussed further actions required. No hesitation in seeking advise in future.
monica luceromonica lucero
22:18 28 Feb 22
Great service, very thorough and compassionate. Great professional expertise. Put my mind at rest, replaced anxiety with knowledge and awareness about my health problems.
debbie Parsonsdebbie Parsons
12:50 18 Jan 22
Great service and experience. I would recommend anyone to go. The doctor explained everything to me and was very professional. Also found a new problem that I wasn't aware of. Report was back within hours definitely worth the money for peace of mind.
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