3D/4D HD Live Pregnancy Scan

3D/4D HD Live Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan


If you’re pregnant and want to see detailed, real-time images of your baby, a 4D pregnancy scan may be right for you. This type of ultrasound examination is typically performed during the second or third trimester, between 24 and 32 weeks gestation.

During a 4D pregnancy scan, a healthcare professional will use an ultrasound machine to create detailed, real-time images of the fetus, uterus, and other pelvic structures. 

The “4D” in 4D pregnancy scan refers to the real-time movement of the fetus in 3D space. This type of scan provides more detailed and lifelike images than traditional 2D ultrasound, allowing you to see your baby’s features in more detail. It can be a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with their baby and to see their developing features, such as fingers, toes, and facial expressions.

Some of the things that may be assessed during a 4D pregnancy scan include:

  • Identifying any structural abnormalities in the fetus
  • Checking the growth and development of the fetus
  • Assessing the location of the placenta and amniotic fluid
  • Checking the position of the fetus in preparation for delivery

Overall, a 4D pregnancy scan can provide a unique and memorable experience for parents during pregnancy. However, it’s important to remember that the most important thing is that your baby is healthy, regardless of their appearance on ultrasound. If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy, talk to your healthcare provider to determine if a 4D pregnancy scan is right for you.


It is recommended to perform a 3D/4D scan between 24 to 32 weeks of pregnancy. The further along you get in your pregnancy the harder it may be to see the baby's face. For twins, 22-25 weeks is the ideal time to see the little ones. Seeing the baby's face is more difficult if the baby has arms or legs in front of it.

Many expecting parents use this optional appointment as an opportunity to bond further to their child, or to introduce their family members to their little one. We can capture your baby's motion, such as yawning and stretching, or take pictures of their tongue sticking out.

3D/4D scans are not commonly necessary for medical diagnosis. However, a 3D/4D scan could provide valuable information, in case your child has a facial condition such as cleft palate or cleft lip.

3D/4D ultrasound scans are always safe for both the mother and the baby. They are performed by accredited sonographers using high-quality, advanced ultrasound equipment.

As the abdomen needs to be exposed, you should wear a two-piece outfit, e.g. top and skirt or trousers. A full bladder is not typically needed for this scan.

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