Diabetes Ultrasound Assessment Package


The ultrasound scan package for diabetes includes assessments of the lower extremities for peripheral arterial disease, carotid arteries for atherosclerosis, kidneys for structural abnormalities and renal blood flow, Kidney function blood test and, GP consultation.

Vascular Assessment:

Lower Extremities: Color Doppler imaging to evaluate blood flow in the lower extremities and assess for peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Reduced blood flow, stenotic lesions, or signs of PAD were evaluated.

Carotid Arteries: Color Doppler imaging to assess the carotid arteries for atherosclerosis or stenosis. These conditions can increase the risk of stroke, which is elevated in individuals with diabetes.

Kidney Evaluation:

Renal Size and Structure: B-mode ultrasound imaging to assess the size, shape, and echotexture of the kidneys. Structural abnormalities, such as cysts or tumors.

Renal Arteries and Veins: Color and spectral Doppler imaging to assess renal blood flow and detect any abnormalities, including renal artery stenosis or venous thrombosis. Diabetic nephropathy, a common complication of diabetes, can affect renal blood flow.

Diabetic individuals have a higher risk of developing carotid artery disease, which can lead to strokes. Carotid artery and stroke screening are essential for early detection of any blockages or narrowing in the carotid arteries, helping to identify individuals at risk of stroke and enabling timely preventive measures.

A kidney ultrasound scan holds particular significance for individuals with diabetes as it helps assess kidney health, detect diabetes-related complications such as diabetic nephropathy (kidney damage), and monitor any structural. This screening test plays a crucial role in early identification and management of kidney issues in diabetic individuals.

Renal artery stenosis refers to the narrowing of arteries that supply blood to the kidneys. It is particularly important for diabetics to be aware of this condition as they may be at an increased risk due to diabetes-related complications.

Kidney function blood tests play a vital role in monitoring kidney health for individuals with diabetes, as diabetes can lead to kidney damage and impaired function. These tests help detect any signs of kidney problems early on.