Wellbeing & Growth Scan

Growth & Wellbeing Private Ultrasound Scan


The wellbeing and growth scan can be performed from 24 weeks of pregnancy onward. This scan is a very popular scan for parents to be who seek reassurance in their pregnancy, would like to check how well their baby is growing or who have any concerns. This scan is not usually offered by NHS if you do not have any complications.

During this scan, our expert sonographers will check the flow (Umbilical Artery Doppler blood flow in their umbilical cord vessels) and placenta (called Doppler), the position of placenta, and assess the amount of amniotic fluid (AFI) around the baby. They will also check the baby’s heartbeat and baby’s movements.

During this pregnancy scan we assess the baby’s growth by measuring head circumference, abdominal circumference, and femur length. These measurements are going to be plotted onto the national growth chart and to be used to estimate the baby’s weight. This will give you a good indication about the size of your baby at its birth.

The position of your baby is another important matter that will be assessed during the wellbeing scan. If the baby’s position is breech (head Up), it will be indicated and will give you time to decide.

Why should I have a Private Wellbeing and Growth scan?

As the third trimester Wellbeing and Growth scan is not routinely offered by NHS, you can book your Wellbeing and Growth scan if:

  • you would like to have reassurance of your pregnancy third trimester Fetal Wellbeing and Growth scan is not offered routinely within the NHS.
  • you would like to have a second opinion on the findings reported by your NHS sonographer.
  • You prefer to have a more comprehensive, detailed ultrasound scan in a relaxing environment.
  • You are seeking for extra reassurance in your pregnancy.
  • To assess the position of your baby and make sure that your antenatal team have opportunity to make special arrangements to ensure you and your baby’s safety during your delivery.
  • The movement of your baby is reduced or there is change in the pattern of its movement.
  • you experience any bleeding or fluid loss.
  • you have a positive medical history of pre-eclampsia in your previous pregnancy.
  • The placenta was reported low lying at any of your previous scans.
  • your baby has been reported as small or large for its date in your previous scans.

There is any history of maternal physical health such as diabetes Type 1, Type 2, or gestational Diabetes and Thyroid problems.

When can I have a Wellbeing and Growth scan?

A Wellbeing and Growth Scan can be performed any time from 24 weeks of pregnancy.

We recommend you have a Wellbeing and Growth scan around 36 weeks of your pregnancy. This comprehensive scan can provide reassurance for you and your baby’s safety. It will reassure you of the following:

  • That there will be no signs of any birth complications.
  • Confirm the presentation of your baby
  • The size of your baby
  • Amount of amniotic fluid around your baby
  • Assessing the doppler Umbilical blood flow

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This scan is usually performed between 24 to 40 weeks of pregnancy.

This valuable scan will enable us to:

  • Check your baby’s heartbeat and movements
  • Assess the growth of your little one by measuring the head circumference, abdominal circumference, and femur length. These 3 key measurements will help us to determine whether your baby is growing inconsistent with your estimated due date, and will also give us an estimation of the weight of your child.
  • Check the function of the placenta by assessing the blood flow to your baby. This is done through an Umbilical Artery Doppler Ultrasound.
  • Measure the amount of Amniotic Fluid around your baby, as this can disclose if the placenta is not functioning properly.
  • Confirm the position of the baby (e.g. Cephalic or Breech) and also the position of the placenta.

Generally, a Growth and Wellbeing Scan is not always necessary during pregnancy. However, this scan may be required if there is a medical indication, such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, any concerns about the fetal growth, and complications during previous pregnancies.

The NHS will not offer this scan, unless there is a medical indication (diabetes, kidney disease, concerns about the fetal growth, previous complicated pregnancies, to name a few). However, you can have this scan at London Private Ultrasound, if you have any concerns and would like to seek reassurance in your pregnancy.

The appointment usually takes around 30 to 40 minutes.

This scan is usually performed transabdominally. However, if we suspect a very low-lying placenta, we may recommend you to have a transvaginal ultrasound. This is to exclude a rare but very dangerous condition called “Placenta Previa”, which means the presence of fetal vessels very close to or covering the cervical canal. If you have this condition, your doctor may advise you to have cesarean section instead of a normal vaginal delivery.

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