Stroke Screening Package

Stroke Screening Package

Stroke Risk Assessment - £395.00

At London Private Ultrasound, we’re committed to helping you understand and reduce your risk of stroke. Our Stroke Screening Package is designed to provide a thorough assessment of your stroke risk factors, combining advanced imaging technology with essential blood tests and expert medical consultation.

What’s Included in the Stroke Assessment Package:

Carotid Ultrasound for Plaque Detection (stenosis detection)

Purpose: This non-invasive ultrasound test is focused on evaluating the carotid arteries in your neck, which supply blood to the brain.

Importance: It helps identify any plaque buildup or narrowing in the arteries, which can significantly increase the risk of a stroke.

Procedure: Our skilled technicians use the latest ultrasound technology to provide a detailed view of your carotid arteries, ensuring a comfortable and efficient screening experience.

Comprehensive Blood Tests

Objective: To assess various health markers that could contribute to stroke risk.

Tests Included: The blood tests may include a lipid profile (to check cholesterol levels), blood sugar levels, and other relevant markers as per your health profile.

Significance: These tests help in identifying underlying conditions like high cholesterol or diabetes that can increase the risk of stroke.

GP Consultation

Review and Guidance: Following your ultrasound and blood tests, you will have a detailed consultation with one of our experienced General Practitioners (GPs).

Personalized Advice: Our GP will discuss the results with you, offering personalized advice on stroke prevention, lifestyle modifications, and, if necessary, medication management.

Why Choose Our Stroke Screening Package?

Expertise and Technology: We utilise state-of-the-art ultrasound technology and employ experienced healthcare professionals to ensure high-quality screenings.

Comprehensive Evaluation: Our package provides a general view of your stroke risk, combining imaging, blood analysis, and expert medical advice.

Preventive Approach: Early detection and preventive care can significantly reduce the risk of stroke. Our package is designed to empower you with knowledge and tools for stroke prevention.

Convenience and Comfort: We prioritize your comfort and convenience, offering a seamless and stress-free screening experience.

Schedule Your Screening – protect your health and peace of mind. Schedule your Stroke Screening Package today and take a proactive step towards stroke prevention.

Note: Your GP appointment will be arranged when all your test results are ready.

Book Online Stroke Screening Package

If you are unable to make a payment online, please call our office to book your appointment. We’re here to assist you!  Tel020 7101 3377

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