Appendicitis Ultrasound Scan

Appendicitis Private Ultrasound Scan


Private Ultrasound Clinic(PUC) offers an urgent appendicitis ultrasound scan to the male and female patients over 18 years old, who might have medical symptoms for appendicitis.
One of the most important reasons for abdominal pain is appendicitis. Appendicitis mainly begins with a pain in the middle of your tummy (belly button) that may rise and fall within hours, the pain moves to the lower right- hand side of your tummy, where the appendix is usually situated, and becomes continuous and severe. The pain may increase with Pressing on the area, coughing or walking.

In this scan we will

  • Perform an ultrasound scan of your abdomen to find evidence of appendicitis
  • Take your relevant medical history
  • Provide up to 10 minutes consultation
  • Explain all findings during and after your ultrasound scan
  • Write an official scan report same time or within 24 hrs, with appropriate images included in the report
  • Recommend a follow-up ultrasound scan if necessary
  • Urgent GP or specialist referral and a Blood Test if needed

  • Inflammation in the appendix or appendicitis
  • Cancer or other life-threatening diseases in solid organs like; Liver, kidney, spleen, and pancreas, that can cause pain
  • Fluid collection in the abdominal cavity
  • Obstruction in the biliary or pancreatic ducts and the cause of obstruction
  • Enlargement or inflammation of the spleen, liver or both (Splenomegaly, Hepatomegaly, Hepatosplenomegaly)
  • Gallstone and other pathologies in the gallbladder
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Stone, cyst, tumour, collection or blockage in kidneys
  • Abdominal Aorta dilation (Aneurysm)

In some cases, we will recommend a relevant blood test.

There is no essential preparation for this scan. 4-6 hours fasting is preferable. In email, patient full bladder is an advantage to rule out ovarian pathologies in female patients. Unfortunately, the appendicitis is an urgent ultrasound, and almost always, patients are not fast.

Our Ultrasound Specialists will explain the procedure before your scan. You will be guided to lie on your back on the examination couch. A small amount of water-based gel will be applied to your abdomen. Our specialist will move the probe on your skin to produce diagnostic ultrasound images. You will not feel any discomfort during your ultrasound scan. An Appendicitis ultrasound scan is regularly completed within 20 minutes. Our Sonographer will recommend the best course of action, depending on the ultrasound scan findings.

You will receive your results verbally during the scan. We will ask you to attend A&E urgently if you have appendicitis. We also urgently inform your GP or your referral in writing and will give you a copy of your report. If you do not have any evidence of appendicitis in your ultrasound scan, it doesn’t mean you do not need to have a follow-up. Ultrasound can only rule in the possibility of appendicitis. Ultrasound is not an excellent modality to rule out the possibility of appendicitis.

There are no risks or side effects associated with the Appendicitis ultrasound scan. Ultrasound does not use any radiation, which is why doctors prefer to use them to check on developing babies in pregnant women.