Reassurance Scan

Available from 6 – 17 weeks / Price: £ 110.00

Reassurance Ultrasound Scan (6-17 weeks)

Book a reassurance Ultrasound scan if you’re seeking for a way to calm down your parents and establish that your pregnancy is progressing normally. If you want to confirm a healthy pregnancy, if you experience pain or bleeding, or if you can’t feel the baby’s movements, this is the scan for you.

This scan is not commonly available on the NHS, however at LPU, we can provide you with a reassurance scan to give you peace of mind about your baby’s and pregnancy’s health.

This scan includes a written Ultrasound report as well as a 2D black-and-white image.
Preparations for the Scan: Because the scan is frequently done transabdominal, a full bladder is required. As a result, an hour prior to your scan, we will ask you to drink 1 liter of water. A transvaginal scan may be required in some cases to obtain better images (out expert sonographer will discuss this with you and will get your consent).


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