DVT Doppler Ultrasound Scan-One Limb

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DVT Doppler Ultrasound Scan-One Limb
Price: £215

What is DVT (Deep Vein thrombosis)?

Deep vein thrombosis is an occlusive or non-occlusive clot formation in one of the veins, usually happen in the legs. DVT or blood clot in the veins is one of the medical emergencies. The most common symptoms of a DVT is pain, swelling, and tenderness in one of the limbs.

DVT Ultrasound assessments at our Central London Clinic

London Private Ultrasound offers urgent DVT Ultrasound Scan to the patients over 18 years old. This scan includes the evaluation of deep veins and superficial veins.

The DVT scan includes evaluation of the deep veins and superficial (under the skin veins) and junction between deep and superficial veins. The DVT scan of the leg is the most common kind of the DVT, this scan includes the evaluation of the following veins and junctions: Femoral vein Saphenofemoral junction Popliteal vein Saphenopopliteal junction. Deep calf veins (posterior tibial and peroneal veins). LSV and SSV Dilated perforators.

This Unilateral scan allows the scanning of one leg, we do however offer services for a complete picture of your vascular health and also a specific DVT scan of both lower limbs or as necessary. You may also be interested in our specific assessments for leg pain if you are worrying about pains that persistently present during rest or physical activity, the technical terms for these diagnosis include Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and venous insufficiency.

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