Wrist Ultrasound Scan-Two Limbs


Wrist Ultrasound Scan-Two Limbs
Price: £345

London Private Ultrasound (LPU) offers a wrist ultrasound scan to the male and female patients over 18 years old. Wrist pain and discomfort following sports injuries or arthritis are the most common reason for having a wrist ultrasound diagnostic examination.

In this scan specialist will assess the main musculoskeletal structures in your wrist. Ultrasound is a dynamic, fast, affordable, and very powerful diagnostic modality for evaluation and diagnosis of a wide range of wrist medical conditions, inflammations or injuries such as;

  • Wrist pain and discomfort,
  • Joint effusion, Abnormal fluid collection in the joint
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, Ulnar nerve injuries, Nerve entrapment
  • Tendon tear or rupture, Ligament Injuries, Tendinitis, Tenosynovitis, Torn ligaments or tendons, Cartilage abnormality
  • Arthritis or other inflammatory diseases, synovitis
  • Ganglion cyst, Lipoma, Soft tissue masses

Please add your requested screening ultrasound, blood test, or health check-up while you are booking your ultrasound scan appointment.

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