Anomaly/Anatomy Ultrasound Scan

pregnancy scan

Pregnancy Anomaly/anatomy scan (19-23 Weeks) Price: £165

Second Trimester Anomaly Scan: Comprehensive Assessment for Your Baby’s Well-Being (19-23 weeks).

The second trimester anomaly scan is a pivotal milestone in pregnancy, offering detailed assessment of your baby’s anatomy and growth. Typically performed between 19 weeks and 23 weeks, this examination is one of the two routine ultrasound assessments provided by the NHS as part of prenatal care.

What does the scan entail?

Performed by one of our qualified sonographers, the scan aims to meticulously assess the development of the fetus and detect potential abnormalities. It screens for 11 physical fetal conditions, carefully examining various organs and systems of the fetus including the brain, spine, heart, stomach, kidneys, limbs, among others.

The test includes a comprehensive assessment of:

  • Fetal anatomy
  • Fetal Growth against expected gestational age.
  • Amniotic fluid and placenta assessment
  • Same day report and digital images
  • Gender confirmation (optional)


Benefits and limitations:

Early detection of fetal abnormalities facilitates timely medical interventions or preparations, empowering parents to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and birth plan. It can provide vital information that may prompt further, more focused assessments and referral to a fetal medicine specialist. However, it is essential to recognise that while the second trimester anomaly scan is highly accurate, it serves as a screening test and may not detect all possible fetal abnormalities. Therefore, ongoing prenatal care and communication with healthcare providers remain essential throughout pregnancy.

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