Echocardiogram(Cardiac Ultrasound)


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Explore Your Heart’s Inner Workings

An Echocardiogram, also called an ‘ECHO,’ is a painless and safe ultrasound scan that helps evaluate your heart’s structure and function. It produces clear images of your heart’s chambers, valves, and blood vessels.

At our clinic, our experienced team of Cardiac Specialists will perform the Echocardiogram, and you’ll receive a detailed report within a short turnaround time of same day. Take control of your heart health today and uncover important insights for your well-being.

What can an echocardiogram detect?

An Echocardiogram provides a thorough examination of the heart – the working structure and performance of the heart. Most people will opt for an Echocardiogram if they are experiencing problems, often presenting as pains, shortness of breath or irregular rhythms of the heart, especially while resting or during exercise. It is also the next step for those who have had abnormalities detected during an ECG. The Scan itself can show abnormalities in the performance of the heart, often in the form of leakages or irregular functions.

Echocardiogram Tests Central London

Book your Echocardiogram test with us at our specialist cardiologist Clinic just 5min walk from Bond Street Tube station in Central London.

You do not need a referral to book our clinics and we welcome any calls or emails – we have a team of clinicians who can provide you with further details and answer any questions you may have. You may also be interested in our Cholesterol Health Packages with a range of options from £200 to assess your Cholesterol state and provide guidance on the appropriate actions to take.

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