Hydro dilatation (Shoulder)

shoulder joint - the source of pain in arthritis of the shoulder

Hydro dilatation (Shoulder)-Price: £595

Ultrasound Guided Musculoskeletal (MSK) Injections are specialized image-guided procedures offered to people who suffer from various musculoskeletal conditions including arthritis and sport-related injuries.


At London Private Ultrasound the injections are done by an experienced, highly skilled radiology consultant – qualified doctor on General Medical Council’s Specialist Register– who has national and international subspecialty fellowships in MSK imaging and is also a lead musculoskeletal radiologist in the NHS.


You would be offered a complete consultation and assessment of your condition by the consultant with a diagnostic ultrasound scan to confirm the diagnosis. Where appropriate and following a thorough consent process, an Ultrasound Guided Injection would be performed. This would be done using an aseptic technique with adherence to all infection prevention and control guidelines. The MSK radiologist’s expertise and accuracy in performing the procedure will ensure maximum comfort and efficacy which is especially reassuring for patients with prior unpleasant encounters with injections and fear of needles.


You will then be given the necessary aftercare advice and issued a complete report of your ultrasound findings and procedural details.

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