Lump and Bump (Two Area) Ultrasound Scan

Lumps and Bumps Scan

Soft-Tissue Lumps and Bumps Evaluation Two Area - Price: £295

London Private Ultrasound (LPU) offers a lumps and bumps ultrasound scan to the male and female patients over 18 years old.
The lumps and bumps ultrasound scan is a non-invasive, available, low-priced, and quick diagnostic imaging technique. It is one of the most common types of ultrasound scans requested for the evaluation of soft-tissue masses.
The most common causes of lumps are; Lipomas, Sebaceous cysts, Ganglion Cyst, Haematoma, Lymph node, or different kinds of Masses, tumours, Cancers, or Cysts. Ultrasound is the first-line method for soft-tissue masses evaluation.
Nature of the Lumps and Bumps, their vascularity, evaluation of their changes, or follow-up after treatment are the most common reasons to have a lump and bump Ultrasound diagnostic examination.
Lump and bump ultrasound scan includes a comprehensive evaluation of the lump and adjacent structures to diagnose the nature of the lump, size, shape, and it’s vascularity. Here we provide a few questions and answers to offer you more information about your lump and bump private ultrasound scan. Please add your requested screening ultrasound, blood test, or health check-up while you are booking your ultrasound scan appointment.

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