Lymph Nodes (Whole Body) Ultrasound Scan

Thyroid Scan

Ultrasound Scan of superficial lymph nodes Whole Body - Price: £395

At London Private ultrasound, we offer Lymph Node Ultrasound which is recommended to people who are experiencing enlarged lymph nodes, pain, swelling, or lumps in their armpit, neck, groin, or abdomen area.
Ultrasound is a very safe and non-invasive way to assess Lymph Nodes for enlargement and potential involvement in cancer.
Lymph Nodes are part of the lymphatic system which is a very important part of the immune system. The Nodes are small bean-shaped structures that filter the lymph fluid and trap bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells.

Whole-body lymph node check-up (including the neck, axilla (armpit), abdomen (belly), and groin).

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