One Breast Ultrasound

breast screening

One Breast Ultrasound Scan(One Side) – £165

London Private Ultrasound offers breast scans to male and female patients over 18 years old. You do not need a referral to have your breast scan done.
You will be recommended to do a breast scan to:

Determine the nature of a breast abnormality

The primary use of breast ultrasound is to help diagnose breast abnormalities detected by you or your physician during a physical exam or to characterize potential abnormalities seen on mammography.

Ultrasound imaging can help to determine if an abnormality is solid (which may be a non-cancerous lump of tissue or a cancerous tumor) or fluid-filled (such as a benign cyst). Ultrasound can also help show additional features of the abnormal area.

Breast Ultrasound Services

London Private Ultrasound is a specialised ultrasound clinic in Central London providing specialists of medical excellence in a range of health issues, diseases and medical practice. We therefore provide these specialist services as a ultrasound service or often package-up ultrasound scans to provide a full health package allowing you to take advantage of affordable private health services combined with ultrasound services and in regard to breast ultrasound and consultation the following are our standard appointment types, if however you would like to discuss something more particular – we would be more than happy to talk you through our range of options.

Book Online One Breast Ultrasound Scan

If you are unable to make a payment online, please call our office to book your appointment. We’re here to assist you!  Tel020 7101 3377

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